The power REDEEMER will solve fascia-blocks quite differently !

Our product offers to reach the low fascia by its ease of use. Our REDEEMER emits vibrations very deep into the tissue by TAPPING and it dissolves the blockage quickly and painlessly.
Whether standing, sitting or lying, the REDEEMER is excellent to use on hard-to-reach muscle groups because of its ergonomic shape. The REDEEMER is suitable for all ages.

The REDEEMER can be used effectively during your daily professional activities (e.g., office, workplace) and with little space and time quick relief is being achieved.

It can be effectively used in all athletic areas; only a relaxed muscle can establish itself and provide the necessary strength and stamina.
We recommend to begin the day by dedicating 5-8 min. to tapping the whole body from the soles of the feet, legs, buttocks, stomach, chest, back and arms up to the neck. Tap slightly longer in areas which are more tensed up.

The REDEEMER also offers a gentle variation of mobility and overall health for movement-impaired or disabled persons as well as for seniors. To increase its effectiveness, the REDEEMER can be used mutually between partners.

What is fascia?

Our muscles and our bodies are covered with fascia (connective tissue of collagen cells) and joined reticulate to our skeleton. When the body is in disharmony, the low fascia structures are blocked, the elasticity of the muscles limited, tensions arising around the organs, and tissue fluids accumulate.

Studies have shown that hardened and blocked fascia (caused by lack of exercise, overuse, injuries, one-sided strain, etc.) increase the tension in the entire body, the nerve cells react with pain and restrict or even prevent tissue fluid exchange in the different layers of tissue. This could lead to the limited metabolic exchange of our cells, resulting in many different illnesses and even cancers. Because our body consists of ca. 85% water, the entire metabolic process is disrupted.

Experience from practice.

We experience the entire spectrum and the connections to the problem zones in our daily practice (area of expertise: trigger point, fascia therapy & spine erection). The REDEEMER has been successfully integrated into the treatments since January 2018: fascias become elastic again, muscle tensions disappear and the trigger points are no longer painful. Our patients are relaxed quickly and painlessly, and the subsequent straightening and strengthening of the body’s static is much easier.

It is a wonderful relief to patients and to us.

We are proud to say that we have received many positive feedbacks from our longstanding loyal patients and users. This kind of SIMPLICITY with a such GREAT RESULTS is an enormous break-through.
Please read our testimonial page!

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